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  • Case study Vennli


    Vennli is the content intelligence platform that helps marketers leaders drive growth and be more relevant to customers in messaging, content strategy and marketing communications across the entire customer lifecycle – from awareness to advocacy. Vennli’s platform gathers insights about what matters most to the target market throughout the buyer journey and makes intelligent recommendations on content, messaging and communication that will attract, convert and retain more customers. Projecting People provide a fully managed service for their mission critical applications covering new product features, technical enhancements and support, ensuring their systems are available and secure 24×7 and maintain competitive advantage.

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    The Journey

    Vennli identified that their pre-existing approach to product development and strategy wasn’t moving at the pace they needed and was a significant financial overhead. Projecting People were selected to take on responsibility for the product development including; new features, product back log and technical debt under a Managed Service agreement. On the back of the successful on-boarding of the Vennli product, Projecting People were awarded the contract to deliver Vennli’s new product and partner with them to deliver against their business strategy.


    Projecting People’s team led by our in- house Scrum Masters and Project Managers work hand-in- glove with the Management and product teams at Vennli, ensuring all milestones are met and that the application continues to deliver a highly performant quality service to their highly regarded clients. Projecting People have become an extension to the Vennli team providing seamless integration and allowing Vennli to focus on their core activities with the confidence that their technology is in good hands.

    Cost Savings

    The Projecting People offering has saved Vennli circa $1.2m during the first year of their ongoing overhead costs for supporting the product and are delivering the new product on a competitive budget. In addition, the lost opportunity cost savings are difficult to measure but deemed significant.

    “More important than the economic value achieved, the expertise Projecting People bring to the table, the speed with which they onboarded, and the level of commitment they dedicate to delivering on time are what have made this an excellent partnership”

    Bart Frischknecht, VP Product Strategy, Vennli